Is SimpleJWT for You?

My name is Jonathan Walters and I have been making things online for over a decade. (If I force myself to be honest it's closer to two, but who's counting?) The first thing I ever built was a simple little password system that I used to "securely" save links into a personal website. Think bookmarks, but online, so it worked from any computer. Then I built an ill-fated music streaming service that never made it off my personal server. Then a developer experience tool. And a little tool for a game I still play. Then a restaurant menu building tool. Then a form submission tool… etc. etc. In my day jobs I've built marketing websites for small businesses, security platforms as a defense contractor, network analytic tools for ISPs, and most recently Parrot AI. I'm a builder. A maker. A tinkerer. In short, I like making things do stuff online.

If you like to build

If you like to make

If you like to tinker

SimpleJWT is for you.

Authentication is boring. Implementing it is boring. Maintaining it is boring. Making sure it's actually secure is boring. Let SimpleJWT take the boring part away from making your ideas reality. Prototype faster than ever before and get to MVP without reinventing the wheel for the thousandth time.

SimpleJWT is currently in closed beta. I built this authentication platform for… myself, frankly… and I'm only sharing it with people who are making cool things. So, if you want to make something awesome, and really don't feel like implementing authentication yet again, drop me a line below. If I like your moxie (and have enough time to support another user) I'll get you hooked up.

SimpleJWT is currently in closed beta. If you would like to be notified when you can sign up, add your email to our waitlist below.